Do’s and don’ts while dressing for traditional Indian wedding

 Do’s and don’ts while dressing for traditional Indian wedding

Traditional Indian weddings are a grand affair

Kanchan Kuntala

Do family weddings make you a nervous wreck because you cannot decided what to wear, which fabric and style to choose or which particular design and style to put on? Or are worried about your footwear?  Do you have tough time picking up colours and don’t really understand whether its dark or pastels for you? Don’t worry, we have all of your wedding woes covered. Read on some do’s and don’ts that you must keep in mind, and you will never go wrong!


Choose lighter fabrics
Choose lighter fabrics and get a manageable outfit for a traditional Indian weddings as most weddings are luxurious and can even be crowded. The events are long enough to make you feel a bit tired. So it’s perfect to choose an outfit which makes you comfortable! Choose natural and breathable fabrics like silk or cotton in summers and opt for chiffon or georgette in winters. The material matters and enhances your confidence.

Maintain a color palette
Discuss with your cousins and the couple about the themes and color code of dresses. Maintaining a palette is really photography friendly. You click photos, capture groupies and anyway it looks beautiful. Take the event decoration, flowers and other props into consideration to choose colors of outfits. It enhances the beauty of the occasion.

Choose simple prints or solid colors.
Choosing small and simple prints or going totally in a single tone will enhance your  charm. Don’t  exaggerate yourself with bigger prints or motifs. Let the focus be on the couple on their special day and not on your dress. Your subtlety and choice of outfit will talk about your persona .Let yourself be gorgeous in simplicity.

Pair up a saree with
Stylish crop tops, v cut deep neck tops, or tuck your sleeveless, body hugging long knitted tops inside. It will give you a smarter look for wedding invitation. For my lovely friends who love to eat fast foods and junkies and who are on a higher side of the obesity bar they can choose longer jacket blouses with body shaper inside.



Choose saree or lehengas with broad borders
Bright and gaudy borders might get you some attention, but  may not be in a flattering way. Broad borders make your frame look wider, thereby make you look shorter. Choose thinner borders to give yourself some space as well as to the outfit

Don’t wear the same outfit to events
Indian weddings are more about fashion than any other thing. In the era of social media, outfit repeating has become a no-no. With multiple events over a single wedding occasion, you’ll need at least few Indian outfits for every event. You can also club up outfits with your already existing ones in your clothing racks. If you don’t want to over-burden your wardrobe with piled up outfits then opt for garments on rent. Rental outfits are so glamorous these days and pocket friendly too.

Avoid heels and stilettos
Indian weddings are about unexpected dancing moments. You don’t know when you start bopping with the party music. If you love to dance like a mad, comfortable shoes are a must-have. Flats or pumps are always good options. Feel free to wear heels, but don’t miss to pack some extra sandals for your dancing moments.

Wearing jeans
Wearing jeans can be cool for you but not in the Indian weddings. It’s  cliché and the first choice for lethargic and sluggish ones. Unless specifically told by the bride and groom that they’re having jeans and t-shirt as dress code for bachelorettes or any morning events, avoid wearing jeans in wedding events.

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