How to maintain a lustrous beard for a suave look

 How to maintain a lustrous beard for a suave look

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For some men, that initial try ignites a lifelong passion for beards, and they rarely, if ever, go back to their shaved mug again. If you have a beard style that plays a major role in showcasing your personality, it is critical that you keep it up to date and maintained. A perfectly groomed beard is within your grasp if you use the appropriate approach. However, keep in mind that not all beards are made equal, and the first step to growing a fantastic beard is to control your expectations and commit to what you’ve got. However, there are some key dos and don’ts to maintain everything neat and growing properly. Syska Personal Care Appliances have compiled a list of top beard grooming recommendations to help you get started. Read on:

Grooming beard according to the face shape
Take a detailed look at your features, just like you did with your whiskers. If there’s one point that beards are perfect for, it’s enhancing or modifying the form of your face. Analyze the overall face shape: if its round, a beard can make it appear longer and slimmer; if it’s oval, it can appear wider and more angular; and if it’s square, it can soften the sharper angles. A beard should generally aspire to make your face look as oval as possible, but beards can sometimes make jawlines appear more angular and defined.

The key step of brushing
Many men are unaware of the true benefits of hair brushing: It’s not the same as using a comb to style and tame your hair. For starters, beard brushes will exfoliate the skin underneath the beard, which lifts dead skin cells and helps avoid peeling. Brushing your beard at the end of each day will also keep it healthy and manageable over time. This helps to spread the skin’s natural oils, which would otherwise pool at the bottom of the shaft and just nourish the root of each hair. Frizzing, breakage, and split ends are all prevented by this oil distribution.

Beard also requires nutrients
First and foremost, make sure that your beard is properly nourished with essential nutrients and vitamins, which is best accomplished with fast absorbing beard oil. This will hydrate the skin underneath the beard, avoid dryness and split ends, and soften the whiskers.  It is recommended to apply oil before bed. Then, depending on how coarse your beard is, apply a beard lotion or balm to soften and shape it into position. This will assist to spread the natural oils and moisturize the wiry hairs while also exfoliating the skin beneath. Following this routine will give you a lustrous appearance.

The power of trimming
The important approach to maintain your beard looking deliberate is to sculpt and trim it as it grows. It may seem contrary, but you need to have haircuts while growing out your hair in the same way. This allows the hair to be directed exactly where it requires to be: Some areas are fuller, while others are less so. Of course, the styling and grooming products can help, but the most important thing is to keep the hair in check as needed: This can include spotting stray hair, snipping split ends, or just removing excess bulk. A beard trimmer or a good set of grooming kits will come in handy.


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