Time to craft your skin

 Time to craft your skin

Anurag Kaul

Now, why would they want me to take a quiz before I get down to explore and buy a product from their portal? This was the first thought that struck my mind when I logged onto www.skinkraft.com on the advice of my friend, Deepak. All I wanted was a face cleanser and moisturiser, and this website was posing multiple questions related to my skin. I called Deepak who told me it was the best way to find out which product best suits my skin. Deepak shared of having done so too as well as buying and using some products. He was more than satisfied with the results.

So, I got down for the interview. As I was looking for skin-related products including dark spots around my eyes, I clicked the Skin tab and went through the online ‘exam’. Once you are done with the questions, your skin analysis pops up on the screen, giving information about skin support, texture, pigmentation and epidermal health, with a dermatologist at SkinKraft Labs advising you the products that best suit your skin and for how long you should be using them.

It was on the dermatologist’s advice that I got myself a Barrier Revitalising Lotion Moisture (Rs 1,599 for 40 ml), Syndet Face Cleanser Protect (Rs 499 for 60 ml) and Dark Spot Control Serum De-pigmenting (Rs 599 for 30 ml). The online transaction was seamless and I received the products around three days later.

Over the last fortnight that I have been using the revitalising lotion, cleanser and serum, I have noticed a major transformation. My face isn’t oily all-day long and I don’t need to keep washing it again and again. It is then that I remember the dermatologist’s words: “While the Barrier Revitalising Lotion Moisture offers the right amount of instant hydration to the skin, its ceramide infused formulation repairs skin’s natural barrier. On the other hand, the syndet-based formulation in Syndet Face Cleanser Protect prevents irritation and helps skin retain moisture even while being cleansed. And it has excellent skin compatibility as well as pH balanced formulations that protects the skin better,” he had told me.

Honestly, I just started using Dark Spot Control Serum De-pigmenting so I can’t say much on it. But it is highly recommended for dark spots and patches as it controls excess melanin production and its transfer. It also claims to fade away hyperpigmentation marks and repairs the skin against effects of pollution. Given the other two products have been effective, this one too should bring good results is what I expect.


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