This summer, sport trendy Nova eyewear

 This summer, sport trendy Nova eyewear

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All you men there can complete their dapper look with a light-gold framed rectangular-shaped Rapheal sunglasses in solid brown with gold flash mirror lens from Nova Eyewear. Created for urban men who like sophisticated look with superior quality vision, these sunglasses provide optimum UV protection and are just perfect for summer daily wear. Or you could opt for the extremely stylish and fashionable shiny demi brown-framed sunglasses with lenses in solid brown with gold flash that offer an urban charm and provide full coverage for sensitive eyes. The grip is strong and comfortable for daily use.

All the beautiful women can boost their style with these white temple-framed super stylish sunglasses. With the beautifully crafted shiny gold designs on the frames with brown gradient lenses will add glitz to a simple outfit. This is a must buy for every girl who does not want to acessorise herself with chunky jewellery this summer yet would want to invest in something trendier to accentuate the summer look. Or you could buy a pair of double-bridged sunglasses with cheetah prints from Nova Eyewear with brown gradient lens are mandatory for women who prefer ultra-chic pieces to match up to their elegance in their dresses, bags, shoes and jewellery.

There are many other designs to choose from, both in men and women segments — over-sized model in black & blue frame colour and grey gradient lenses to matte metallic silver framed male sports sunglasses and from purple leopard printed framed sunglasses for girls who want to experiment with looks to cool Aviator-style pair of sunglasses with double bridge. These grey

All these frames are available in power also. The pricing for power sunglasses depends upon different focal length, index along with tinting and polarisation lens options that are availed.


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