Tanishq unveils its new collection of rare and precious diamonds, Tales of Mystique

 Tanishq unveils its new collection of rare and precious diamonds, Tales of Mystique

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Tanishq, a jewellery retail brand from the house of Tata, has unveiled its collection of rare and precious diamonds along with colored gemstones – Tales of Mystique. The collection is inspired by the architectural beauty of Rajasthan’s palaces and cityscape. With the launch of this collection, Tanishq makes its debut at the Paris Haute Couture Week, Fall-Winter 2023-24 in partnership with renowned Indian designer Rahul Mishra.

Each of the 60 pieces in the collection captures the nuances of architectural marvels and tells the story through the eyes of the youthful exuberance of the traveler who has often heard these stories and has come here to experience the palaces of Rajasthan in all their grandeur. The collection uses a combination of unique design elements, semiprecious color stones with brilliant and fancy cut diamonds set in 18kt gold. Translating the allure of grand jharokhas, arches, domes, and staircases, each jewel has been painstakingly crafted in three dimensions and sculpted forms to bring alive the architectural beauty

The collection celebrates the artisans as the embodiment of artistic expression, masterfully combining unique craftsmanship with the technical prowess to transform imagination into reality. By merging jewellery and haute couture, Tanishq and Rahul Mishra have created a synergy that transcends traditional boundaries & takes Indian heritage to the international fashion landscape.

Speaking on the collaboration, Ranjani Krishnaswamy, General Manager (Marketing), Tanishq, says, “The Tales of Mystique and Rahul Mishra’s We, The People share the same ethos of redefining Indian fashion by bringing the confluence of intricate craftsmanship, and contemporary silhouettes. Our Muse is the modern Indian woman and her expansive choices in jewelry, her curiosity in chic vintage, and her innate taste in art.”

Adds Garima Maheshwari, Head of Design, Tanishq, “With Tales of Mystique, Tanishq offers an ode to the spirit of Rajasthan with a new line of high-end statement jewels that boast of color, culture and refined aesthetic. The collection narrates the tales hidden in the beautiful architectural details of the majestic palaces, the charming forts, and the exotic cityscapes of Rajasthan. It is inspired by the artistic hues of wondrous Rajasthan and imbued with rich motifs and detailed elements unique to this place.”

Speaking on the collaboration, Rahul Mishra says, “It makes me glad and proud to be joined by ‘Tanishq’ this season as a jewellery partner for our Couture Fall 2023 showcase at the Haute Couture Week in Paris. Their prime workmanship & expertise in jewellery-making, along with their efforts towards empowering local craft communities of India are unparalleled and in alignment with the core philosophies of the brand Rahul Mishra.”


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