Clothing for the fashion-forward man

 Clothing for the fashion-forward man

Taruna Sharma

Snitch Founder Siddharth R Dungarwal started at 18 with a small 400sqft retail store in Frazer Town Bangaluru in 2009 named 4EVER (which still exists) just out of passion for clothes. The retail store was a success and a lot of other retailers wanted to buy merchandise from him for their own retail stores. “And that’s how I got into B2B business – on a very small scale,” he says.

Snitch Founder Siddharth R Dungarwal

Then, sometime in February 2012, he struck a deal with a very big manufacturing company to sell their “left over fabrics”. With barely a few thousands in his savings and a loan through a friend he somehow managed to buy that stock. But as luck would have it, he couldn’t dispatch the stock immediately as the company had an audit. “I had found a buyer but he refused to wait and cancelled the deal while I had already made payments. Those were bad days of my life. I didn’t know what I would do with that fabric I had purchased,” he says. Trying to take advantage of his situation, everyone he approached asked for almost 50 per cent less than his cost price.

Since it was men’s shirting fabric Dungarwal had made swatches of the same and circulated in his circle hoping to sell them. Then, one fine day, he received a call from a retailer in Mumbai who asked if he could convert these fabrics into shirts and send him a few pieces on his own label.

“I had no knowledge about production, pattern, thread, interlining etc, but somehow I managed to get access to a factory in Bengaluru who agreed to do a trial order of 500 pieces. I shipped those 500 shirts to the retailer in Mumbai, and in a week he gave him an order for more such shirts. I have never looked back since then,” he says.

Snitch started in 2019 as a B2B brand on a bootstrapped budget. “We were catering to large multi brand stores across India until 2020 when the pandemic hit us. Like all other brands our business was at a standstill as retail stores were either shut or under lockdown. The 1st idea was to liquidate stock via marketplaces online but then I realised we wouldn’t be making any money out of it nor would we get any brand recognition hence the idea of was born and within three days we set up our website with barely 39 products on the website on July 4, 2020,” says Dungarwal, adding that sourcing good quality fabric and designing them has been their USP.


Coping with competition

Being a small e-commerce brand the major challenge was to gain trust in the brand for customers. Since a lot of frauds happen over online sales consumers usually don’t trust new brands and so we worked really hard towards building the trust by clearly mentioning details of our return policy and making sure we abide by it. We have kept our prices to the point where every Indian can easily afford good quality clothing. We deliver new styles and trends every day.



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