Shoe-drobe alert: Must-haves for Summer ’18

 Shoe-drobe alert: Must-haves for Summer ’18

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As summers have set in, get ready to bear it all with these cool footwear trends for the hottest days. They say, “good shoes take you to good places”. But what about great shoes? Lucky for us, this summer’s footwear trends aren’t just a sight for sore eyes — they’re also all incredibly walkable. With an array of casual and formal shoe styles to choose from, you’re sure to find something to coordinate with all your favourite ensembles! And, no matter what the season, you’ll always find an in-trend shoe to coordinate with your fashion sense.

SUPER SNEAKERS                                                                                                                                                

Now that warm weather is on the horizon, a great pair of white sneakers is a wardrobe must. They work with literally everything in your closet: bright colours, neutral tones, jeans, trousers, shorts—hell, they even look great with a suit. Basically, think of the white sneaker as a foundation from which you can build any outfit. And with so many to choose from, it’s impossible not to find the right shoe for you.
Price Rs 1,490


It may be summer, but everything is coming up flowers. While floral boots may not be your typical fare this time of year, the trend has swept the fashion world, and brands at every price point are tackling floral footwear in their own way. Floral shoes look modern and feminine, instantly pulling together just about any outfit.
Price Rs 1,890



Whether you prefer sleek minimal straps or the classic gladiator versions, pom-poms are the perfect way to perk up your summer shoe staple. Unlike a lot of runway trends, the pom-pom shoe is totally wearable! Just be careful not to go overboard with a pom-pom sundress and a pom-pom clutch. Less is more when it comes to these small fluffy pom-poms of joy.
Price Rs 890



Everyone loves a little sparkle every now and then. But when you don’t want the bling to be reflected on your outfit, you can well opt for metallic footwear to add that little bit of compulsory glamour to your look. This trend achieves the seemingly impossible by injecting ultra-comfortable flat shoes with the ability to actually dress up an outfit.
Price Rs 1,890




Straps, buckles and other like shoe embellishments will give your footwear that extra “oomph” on the streets. Add in more fun colours and prints. Pick a colour, any colour: vibrant hue sandals are sure to take over the social media this summer.
Price Rs 2,190


While there are plenty of summer shoe trends vying for our attention this season, slides are taking the spot as the ultimate It shoe of the moment. Offered in every colour of the rainbow and in heights varying from tiny block heels to larger-than-life platforms, there’s a perfect pair out there for everyone.
Price Rs 1,890

Information courtesy Mochi Shoes and Accessories


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