Shilpa Bhatia launches Terra Inde in New York

 Shilpa Bhatia launches Terra Inde in New York

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Entrepreneur Shilpa Bhatia launched her new fashion store, Terra Inde, in New York. The launch, as stylish as the brand and the woman behind it, marked actress Neetu Chandra modelling at Brooklyn Bridge.

Speaking at the launch, Bhatia said, “Every business needs digital presence, so this business would be both, offline and online. To begin with, we are targeting the affluent Indian minority in USA. They have a strong bond with the Indian culture.”

“While traditional retail model in USA struggling, I believe the minority market is lucrative and an under-served opportunity. We are making every attempt to make Indians proud of their culture by packaging it beautifully. India has such deep roots in culture, fashion, arts and crafts, I am extremely proud of it and want to present it in a good light. It’s trying to create a business that NRIs abroad would relate to and love to support,” she added.


Bhatia also runs The Clothing Rental and a styling website of her own. Unlike the fast fashion businesses that survive on high volume, Terra Inde aims at racing to the top and offering great quality at optimum price.

Terra Inde is tying up with the top-rung and middle-rung fashion designers from India. “Many Indian designers wish to be in the American market. However, the structure to enter this market is different from India. American retail is matured and extremely organised. They follow calendars and seasons to the tee. For any established designer to enter this market can be a challenge. I have lived and worked in New York so have a fairly good understanding of the East and the West,” said Bhatia.


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