Shea Luxe jewellery brand launches its new collection, Cocktail Chic

 Shea Luxe jewellery brand launches its new collection, Cocktail Chic

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With the new year just around the corner, Shea Luxe Jewels unveiled its jewellery collection – Cocktail Chic – with statement-making details rendered in geometric and whimsical forms that can be worn for the day events as well as evening soirees – just as an example, it has earrings that can be worn as eye-catching shoulder dusters perfect for going from business to cocktail in an instant. The collection also includes stackable cuffs, bracelets as well as necklaces and chains to add a touch of panache to  your crisp white shirts as well as to club your diamonds with your everyday denims.

The vibrant juxtapositions of distinctive diamonds makes each design an incredible masterpiece that speaks a story of eternal beauty and unique craftsmanship.

Each piece in the collection deviates from conventional forms and exudes a vibrant jubilance, a modern charm complimented by impeccable craftsmanship. Cocktail rings, earrings, and cuff bangles capture the essence of the wearer through a special combination of diamonds and natural gemstones. Cocktail chic is tastefully translated  in innovative styles, giving this collection an international appeal .

Says Bhavya Shah, Founder, Shea Luxe Jewels, “Each piece has been carefully designed for the fashion-forward woman, with an emphasis on styles that speak to her intrepid, intuitive, and worldly sensibility. The collection is centered on contemporary, distinctive jewellery for brunches and nights  out. The jewellery also lends itself to  cocktail events, red carpets and a unique range for the bride and her tribe.”



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