Rendition of Indian craftsmanship

 Rendition of Indian craftsmanship

As you meander through the chatty romance of Colaba’s bylanes, Clove beckons with the promise of a fresh perspective. Past the arched doorways, take a moment to soak in this season’s spirit of celebration with a limited capsule collection of 12 garments by Abraham & Thakore that draw inspiration from Gunjan Gupta’s IKKIS. This three-way collaboration is an ode to everyday India in a global context- the give and take between what’s old and new, a marriage of form and functionality while being deeply embedded in our craft traditions.

Celebrated by international publications and home décor connoisseurs across Europe, Gunjan Gupta’s IKKIs is being introduced for the first in India at Clove by way of this collaboration. Inherently Indian, IKKIS reimagines quintessential utilitarian products that make up our collective memories of busy Indian households. Through IKKIS, designer Gunjan Gupta showcases products that include kulhads (chai glasses), diyas (lamps) as well as baltis (buckets) transforming them into a playfully crafted collection of champagne glasses, vases, platters and copper handled candle holders. These 21 pieces for modern living are handcrafted in unusual material compositions of terracotta, copper, marble and brass that beg to be touched, lived and experienced. These everyday objects bear the details of Indian craftsmanship but utilitarian simplicity of a global India. IKKIS is a story of push and pull- edgy and whimsical, luxurious and mundane, a celebration of form and function that transcend global aesthetics perfect as gifts for the global citizen. This launch is as much a homecoming as a revelation of the global Indian aesthetic revered worldwide.

Complementing this curation for home, is a capsule collection by Abraham & Thakore that partners with IKKIS’ palette in a tranquil pairing of ecru and ebony with a touch of signature detailing. An inversion of IKKIS (Hindi for 21), this capsule collection of 12 garments approaches design in the Abraham & Thakore language of Indian form that holds global relevance. Using handspun, handwoven khadi as base, craftsmanship is celebrated in each drape of the fabric. Hand-carved wooden blocks shape each kali to create graphic textures and lines. In updating the Indian design vocabulary, Abraham & Thakore embrace the limitations of craft, letting materials and technique dictate form. This limited-edition collection is made up of tunics, shirts, pants and kurtas.
‘Elements’ is a collaboration built on the foundation of a simplified design philosophy and investigating a similar mindset through different mediums of expressions. Whether expressed in textile traditions or handcrafted elevated products, what comes through is a modern Indian design aesthetic that transcends. The idea from conception was to take something inherently Indian and make it relevant to the 21st century while building global respect for Indian craftsmanship.

‘Elements’ will showcase the entire collection by IKKIS for the very first time and a limited capsule collection by Abraham & Thakore to complement this. Additionally, a showcase of their festive line across a range of styles in hues of red, salmon pink, taupe and indigo will be available for a limited period during this festive season at Clove, Mumbai.


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