Pop Revolution from Kiko Milano

 Pop Revolution from Kiko Milano


Italy’s leading cosmetics brand Kiko Milano has introduced its Pop Revolution collection designed to recreate the mood of the 50s, 60s and 70s highlighting autumn-winter tones. Bringing back the bygone era looks and reinterpret them with a modern twist by having potent products worthy of creating geometric patterns and textures.

Pop Revolution Collection has a complete range of makeup, skincare and accessories for a playful look. The products are found to be “on-the-go products” as they are perfect for being taken anywhere. The products have bright, on trend colours having a vintage appeal, to fully express one’s creativity and style.

Ranging from liners to kajal, markers to pencils, shadows and brow markers, the entire eye collection is available in extremely usable winter tones as well as affordable.

Ideal for adding depth and enhancing the shape and contour of eyes, this two-in-one Eyeliner-Kajal in blendable textures and high colour release. The Eyeliner has a water based emulsion with emollient oil while the Kajal has a blend of waxes for comfortable wearing. Define the eyes with a single stroke of the eyeliner and kajal to underline the eyes. Working its magic in matte finish eyeliner with a precise applicator, and a soft-creamy textured kajal with a conical tip, the product is available in four different shade combinations.
Price Rs 1,490

Boasting extreme colour release and deep black colour intensity, this eyeliner marker has a high precision felter tip. Its water resistant, no smudge formula and a flexible tip ensures accurate and long lasting finish.
Price Rs 830

Slim wooden precision eye pencils available in 4 soothing shades are appropriate for in and out use that come with a sharpener.  It has rigid formula for more precision and thus giving sharper and rich payoffs for even and regular slender lines.
Price Rs 790

Available in three metallic shade combos, this mini eye shadow palette is ideal for an intense luminous finish. This wet-powder eyeshadow with spherical pearls and pigments, keeps wider refractive angles, generating high brightness and new sensoriality. The eyeshadow formula is enriched with light-reflecting pearls that create a radiant, mirror finish and ultra-metallic effect. Ideal for creating a look that takes centre stage with intensely shiny and sophisticated eye makeup its compact size makes it perfect for on-the-go touch-ups as well.
Price 1,690

This eyebrow marker comes with an inbuilt special applicator for a micro-blanding effect and buildable colour. Its innovative three tip applicator defines and brushes the brows at the same time. Available in three different shades, it ensures controlled definition of brows, line thickness along with high colour release, for a natural finish. A water based three-point marker with polymers that allow a high colour release. It provides a buildable colour, and stability when dried and easy to remove. It is ideal for flawlessly defining and reshaping the eyebrows.
Price Rs 830


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