TOP 5 Fashion choices all plus size women must opt for in 2022

 TOP 5 Fashion choices all plus size women must opt for in 2022

Somwya Sharma

Skipping outing plans with friends, and not attending family functions just because you have nothing exciting to wear and if by the day you are lucky enough to get something exciting to put on, the next minute you find “no not this one, it makes me look fatter and uglier too”. Women always fish for compliments, it makes them feel free, confident, and look one among the group. No matter what size women possess, they do crave compliments. Looking stunner and presentable by face is not enough, but it also matters how well one carries oneself in the clothes. The choice of colour, fabric, print matters according to the shape and size of the body, as everyone wants to look beautiful. A body cannot stop you to be the one you always crave for. Plus size women struggle too much to look slimmer from dieting to shape wear, they’ve tried everything, but nothing satisfies them.
Women don’t know they can dress well in any size by choosing what flatters their figure. It’s just a game of colours, prints, and additional accessories to enhance the look. I share with you five amazing and unbelieving ideas that can make you look more stunning than your thinner friends. Just don’t forget to put on the confidence with your outfits.

Go for Darker Shades
Darker shades create a slimming illusion whereas, lighter colors give a large frame to the body. The best darker shade, black never fails to give the body a slimmer and elegant look. Colors like blue, brown, purple help hide the extra kilos you got this Diwali.

Avoid large Prints Horizontal stripes and large prints cover a large area and make you look broader. Instead of going with a no print dress, try out some small prints dresses as it works well for the plus-sized female. You can also choose to wear mixed print clothes with a small print design dependent on your body and instincts.

Try Rapron Dresses
Rapron dresses, the wraparound cloth, and the wrap skirt. Women love to wear a rapron as it covered the extra visible fat and give heavenly comfort on the other hand. One can carry the rapron dress as long skirts, waist skater that gives a proper shape and size. Try out a soft lining rapron, it almost hides and covered the torso and heavy areas of the body.

Prefer Deep Neckline
The struggle of a plus-size person with a short neck and double chin is real. For balancing the problem, one should go for a narrow and deep neck. A person with a double chin should prefer a v-shaped deep neckline as it diverts the viewer’s attention from the neck to the chest and gives a slimmer-looking neckline. High and deep necks create the illusion on a broader frame and also form a big frame with a height illusion.

Not forget the Sleeves part
Plus-size women with broad shoulders and heavy arms should choose the sleeves design wisely. From the length and shape to the strap size of the sleeves, all play a vital role in look your upper part more expressive. Long sleeves make the arm look more stretched and slimmer. Try structured sleeves and Cowboy sleeves for a change and different look.

You and get your New Year party outfit and become the epicentre of your group.  Love the curves and chubbiness you have, and fill your 2022 wardrobe with these fantastic fashion hacks.

Somwya Sharma is Founder, Not Size Zero Fashion Apparel


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