Get Glowing skin with new face mask range from O3+

 Get Glowing skin with new face mask range from O3+

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Face masks work as easily accessible and convenient skin treatment at home. Many people rely on face packs and masks at home rather than making trips to salons to cure their skin woes. O3+ has come up with its new Face Mask Collection that’s perfect to keep your skin glowing, and blemish free, besides reducing skin ageing.

Oxy D-Tan Mask

Oxy D-Tan Mask is an advanced brightening face mask infused with their unique O2O2 formula that delivers oxygen deep into the skin while preventing it to clog and decongestant skin while instantly removing tan in 10 minutes with the goodness of Botanical extracts. It is effective in removing tan & brightens the skin instantly, regenerates new cells & helps skin heal from the damage done by the outside elements. Formulated with luxurious Botanical Extracts & Shea Butter, it purifies & clarifies the skin from inside out making it nourished and also improves the skin texture, lightens dark spots and pigmentation due to excessive sun burns and exposure.

Sulfur Cooling Facial Mask

This one is enriched with organic willow bark and mint, and refreshes the skin by digesting dead unhealthy cells and preventing pore clogging. It prevents future acne breakouts and reduces the appearance of acne marks.

Bright & White Mask

Bright & White Mask is a skin brightening, dark-spot-diminishing daily moisturising cream powered by brightening bisabolol and moisturizing shea butter. It instantly absorbs into skin and reduces the melanin causing pigmentation and minimises uneven skin tone and brown spots. Skin appears brighter and more radiant & hydrated.

Blueberry Dtan Mask

 O3+ face mask range

The Blueberry D-Tan Mask shields the skin against harmful free radicals while keeping the skin firm and provides an extreme whitening and tan removal effect. It removes tan from both face & body and instantly lightens and brightens the skin. It can be used on body as well. It is loaded with blueberries, camphor & eucalyptus




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