Nike Hypervenom 3 football boots

 Nike Hypervenom 3 football boots

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Nike’s has come up with new Hypervenom 3 football boots. Designed to cut and strike, the show has been designed keeping goal scoring in mind.

The emphasis on scoring is most evident in the strike zone of the boot, which contains multi-layered Poron® foam pods integrated into a Flyknit upper. The pods are rate dependent, creating a dampening soft touch at low velocity contact, but activating rigidity when striking the ball with high velocity to create a firm launching pad for a true strike.

The pods in the strike zone are 2mm thick. The visible texture built into the rest of the Flyknit upper is hollow, flexible, and designed to enhance the touch. The texture is also a nod to the scaly upper of the original Hypervenom boot that was launched in 2013.

To provide a customizable fit, Hypervenom 3 leverages three meters of Nike Flywire cables (the previous Hypervenom had one meter) within floating channels that can be adjusted to preference via the lateral lacing system. This enables the player to fine-tune the fit at each loop for more precise lock-in to support lateral cuts.

The Dynamic Fit Collar which features a redesigned agility provides lateral stability. Hypervenom 3 is also the first Nike Football boot to feature the entirely new, Hyper-Reactive plate that combines a flexible Pebax® material in the forefoot with a sturdier nylon material for support.


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