Filling the gaps in India’s niche perfume industry with heavenly fragrances

 Filling the gaps in India’s niche perfume industry with heavenly fragrances

Dimple Fouzdar, Founder, Maison De Fouzdar

Taruna Sharma

Founder of Maison De Fouzdar, a niche fragrance brand that offers luxurious and exotic extrait de parfums et parfums d’intérieur, Dimple Fouzdar has been a passionate perfume connoisseur ever since she can remember.
Born and raised in Calcutta, she began learning law after graduation, and it wasn’t until her fourth year of college that she realised her calling lay in perfumery. That was when she decided to take a course in Fragrance Blending from Grasse, France, the place considered as the epicentre of the French perfume industry, as also as the world’s perfume capital. There, she honed her craft, learning from skilled professionals, acing her virtuosity in perfumery, and then opened Maison De Fouzdar three months back, in September 2021.
With ingredients sourced from Grasse (France) and the Middle East, and harmonised by master perfumers, Dimple’s perfumes received an overwhelming response from the public, planting her feet firmly in the industry. Excerpts:

What is it that attracted you to perfumery?
It is thanks to my parents. Ever since I was a child, I have seen my parents admiring and collecting perfumes. I vividly remember, as I child I used to play with perfume bottles instead of toys. Later, growing up, traveling to distant countries, I was always enthralled by what fragrances a country had to offer rather than having a soiree or going sightseeing.

What challenges did you face in your entrepreneurial journey?
We conducted extensive research based on Indian weather conditions because India has a hot and humid climate, which means that no fragrance lasts long. Another issue we encountered was with the packaging. We had to struggle a lot with it because India is not a perfume maker, and making something of international quality in the country was a difficult task, but we managed to make a world-class product through our persistent efforts.

How do you view the Indian perfume industry?
The country has made a name for itself in every industry around the world, but I do notice a scarcity of niche perfumery. That’s when I discovered the ideal space for me to pursue my desires. India has made some inroads into the perfume industry in recent years, but none in niche perfumery. The industry will face fierce competition as knowledge evolves. As a perfume connoisseur, I had always wished to create India’s signature scent by combining ingredients from around the world.

How are perfumes different from deos and body mists? Which of these is better?
Perfumes have far more refined scents than deos and body mists. They are also more concentrated and have a better projection, sillage and longevity. Further, the accords of perfumes are way smoother and blended with perfection as compared to deos or mists.
Perfume, without a doubt, is better of the three as it has far more evolved fragrance than the other two. The higher concentration creates a scented aura and leaves a trail every time it’s sprayed.

Please share some tips on how to use perfumes.
Before you use a perfume, take a shower to allow the skin to be fresh and clean and moisturise the body. It will allow the perfume to soak up into the skin rather than flaking off dry skin. Always spray the scent from 20-30 cms away to allow even distribution, and evenly apply the sensational smelling products on points behind the ears, near the neck, and on the wrist.

A fragrance that’s in in vogue…
I believe the entire world has been drawn to Oud, it is unquestionably everyone’s favorite.

Elixir Extreme and Oud Imperial, two of the best-selling perfumes

What are the hot-selling fragrances from the house of Maison De Fouzdar?
The Oud Safran, Oud Imperial, Elixir Extrême, Provocateur are our topmost fragrances.



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