New spa and salon treatments from Kehair

 New spa and salon treatments from Kehair

If you find yourself in knots when styling your hair, let professionals straighten things out for you. KT Professional, the international go-to brand for hair care, has launched a new range of salon and spa treatments that will give your hair the look and feel you never dreamt was possible.

Kehair Therapy’s Keratin and Cysteine Treatments work on all kinds of hair textures and offer lasting solutions to even the most stubborn and unmanageable hair. Even better, Kehair Therapy’s all-new range of Hair Spa products works wonders on Indian textures, allowing you to style your hair into the chic and glamorous look you thought only celebrities could have.

Here’s a preview of Kehair Therapy’s new Hair Spa product range:
* KT Extreme Fiber Botox Masque is a unique formula of collagen marine with the power of argan oil and coconut for stronger and fuller hair with deep hydration and a smoothing effect.
* KT Argan Oil Masque is enriched with proteins and keratin and infused with argan oil and moisturising properties revive and nourish damaged hair.

* KT Brazilian Nut Silk Masque is perfect for hair that has undergone chemical treatment. The active ingredients work to restore, protect and replenish fragile and damaged hair into a shiny, healthy appearance.
* KT Keratin Infused Deep Conditioning Masque is an intense, nourishing and hydrating treatment that revives hair that has been dried or damaged by the environment or styling stresses.

Kehair Therapy is a game-changer in hair care business as it uses science as base for all its products and treatments. What’s more, its products are chemical-free which means they do not put your health at risk. The brand’s research has resulted in a revolutionary, new range of Salon Treatments, which include the following:
* KT Professional Fiber Botox Treatment is a two-in-one treatment, which works as a hair filler and also works as a zero-formaldehyde hair protein and keratin smoothening system.
* KT Professional Advanced Straightening Treatment is the brand’s most intense, most effective keratin treatment that smoothens the thickest, coarsest, most resistant hair.

* KT Professional Cysteine Plus Treatment reduces frizz and gives a natural, smooth look to the hair with brilliant shine and softness. The finest botanical ingredients and pure protein restores hair damaged by chemical treatments, frequent use of hot styling tools and overexposure to the sun.
* KT Professional Coco Keratin Treatment is a maximum strength keratin smoothing treatment that offers superior curl reduction, shine and smoothing for even the most resistant and unruly hair.
* KT Professional Supreme Keratin Treatment is an intense hair repair treatment that smoothens coarse and damaged hair. It features a unique keratin technology.

Every woman should be able to afford the hair therapy she deserves, which is why KT Professional has kept its price points affordable. The brand’s new Hair Spa products are pegged at between Rs 1,800 and Rs 2,700, while each of its new Salon Treatments costs Rs 2,500.

K T Professional’s products are available in leading salons across India and its home care products can be purchased online at and other e-commerce sites such as Nykaa, Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart.


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