New range of natural skin & hair care products

Team L&M

Created from 100 per cent natural and high quality ingredients, India-based organic beauty care brand, Teal & Terra, has launched its new skin and hair care range. Enriched with pure essential oils and other natural ingredients coconut, jojoba, argan oil, onion oil, rose, shea butter, neem, hibiscus oil, aloe vera and vitamin E, the range include shampoos, hair conditioners and hair serums.

“Everyone loves beautiful skin and hair but chemicals present in them are harmful. In Teal & Terra, we have developed best-in-class and 100 per cent natural products with best natural key ingredients and essential oils that ensure healthy hair and scalp,” says Upma Kapoor, founder, Teal & Terra. “The market for hair care products is witnessing rising consumer demand for products with a strong natural profile. These products have been developed using professional expertise with active ingredients derived from natural plant extracts,” she adds.


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