New makeup brand, O& O Beauty enters market

 New makeup brand, O& O Beauty enters market

O&O Beauty, an Indian makeup brand, debuts in the industry

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A new makeup brand, O&O Beauty, has entered the Indian beauty industry. Founded by Mansi Agrawal, Pallavi Sharaff and Sumedha Sharaff – who bring diverse perspectives from different phases of life, this brand caters to a wide range of audiences across different age groups.

“At O&O Beauty, our vision is to bridge the gap between international luxury brands and Indian beauty enthusiasts by offering a range of thoughtfully crafted cosmetics that are made in India. We believe that makeup is not just about external appearance, but a powerful tool for self-expression and self-love. We also aspire to empower women to embrace their rarity and celebrate their individuality. Our products are designed to enhance both outer beauty and inner confidence, providing a perfect blend of luxury and conscientiousness,” says Mansi Agrawal.

Serum Lipsticks in seven shades 

Meticulously formulated with skin-loving ingredients, O&O beauty’s makeup products are specifically designed to cater to Indian skin tones and adapt to varying weather conditions, ensuring an ideal luxury makeup experience for your daily beauty regimen. The product range encompasses three shades of versatile blushes, seven shades of nourishing serum lipsticks, 1 shade of a radiant highlighter, three shades of convenient eye shadow sticks, two shades of glow blush and 7 shades of flawless complexion sticks, presenting a diverse selection to accentuate your innate features.

The brand’s approach to makeup is minimal, conscious, and premium, allowing your natural beauty to shine through. With this philosophy, the brand name O&O Beauty perfectly embodies the concept of being a woman’s ultimate “One and Only” makeup product.

To ensure the highest quality and efficacy, O&O Beauty utilises a range of skin-friendly ingredients like Jojoba oil, Vitamins E & C, RoseMary tea leaf extract, Sweet Almond oil, Shea butter and more. The formulations for products range across categories like Velvet Kiss (Serum lipstick), All over colour (Multipurpose blush), Glow Blush (Blush, Bronzer & Tint), Eye lights (Eyeshadow Sticks), On Point (Highlighter) not only enhance your appearance but also nourish and care for your skin, leaving you feeling confident and beautiful.

 Complexion sticks – From (L-R) Creme, Satin Sand, Honey drip, Chestnut, Amber, Dolce and Cacao 

Committed to ethical practices and animal welfare, O&O Beauty is a vegan and cruelty-free brand that formulates its products without the use of carmine and parabens, embodying the principles of conscious and compassionate beauty.

“At O&O Beauty, we recognise the transformative power of makeup with our goal being to demystify the world of beauty and make it accessible to every woman. We want to inspire women to feel confident and embrace their unique features because true beauty lies in self-acceptance and self-love,” says Pallavi Sharaff.


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  • Wow, I’m absolutely thrilled to hear about the launch of O&O Beauty! As a makeup enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for new and innovative brands to try. The fact that they are nuts about beauty tells me that they are truly passionate about their products.
    Here’s to wishing O&O Beauty great success in the market! I can’t wait to try out their products and incorporate them into my daily beauty routine. Cheers to a promising new addition in the beauty world! 🎉💄🌟

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