Tips on how to weather through the monsoon beauty woes

 Tips on how to weather through the monsoon beauty woes

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Monsoon season requires special makeup otherwise, the humidity can quickly ruin your look. It can smudge lip color, ruin mascara, and leave your skin looking patchy. To prevent this, Makeup Artist Arti Nayar has shared a few makeup tips for the perfect rainy-day makeup. These ultimate melt-proof makeup tips so that your masterpiece lasts all day long even during the rains.

Cream-Based Products
In case you are using cream-based products, it is important to remember that you have to use minimum products on rainy days. Due to the intense humidity, also make sure if you are using cream products, you need to blend it well and set it with a powder product so that it doesn’t move. Moreover, this will help you to attain a matte, velvety finish to the skin, providing an ‘airbrush’ effect’

Use Setting Powder
Dedicating a few moments to dusting on setting powder can make all the difference in the longevity of your makeup look. Make sure to set your makeup well with a good setting powder. It will allow the makeup to stay for longer. Use a big brush to evenly distribute a little amount of powder over your face and neck to seal the makeup.

Embrace bold, happy colour lipsticks
That a woman loves her lipsticks is no secret. It wouldn’t be a surprise if you own several lipsticks in seemingly similar shades. But there is just something about bold lip colours that women absolutely love, especially during the monsoons. “A pop lip is a great way to beat the gloomy skies, and serves as a fail-safe go-to for this season,” says Arti.
Additionally, she also recommends to keep it simple, take care of your skin, always wash your hands, cleanse your face, keep it super hygienic because there are germs around, it’s humid; you tend to sweat a lot. So, keep it really simple, use minimum products, don’t do too much foundation, just keep it really light and breathable.
You are going to be faced with the trifecta of make-up-melting powers this season—heat, humidity and rain. While it may not be the wisest idea to step out with layers of make-up and succumbing to Nnature’s tantrums, going completely barefaced isn’t an option either!


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