Latique’s The Great Escape

 Latique’s The Great Escape

The latest collection from Latique breaks the traditional symmetry of Indian jewellery to create a contemporary effect that speaks of individuality and panache. The lines of clustered brilliant-cut diamonds defy expectation and convention in a way that commands and holds the gaze. Be it a professional meeting or a destination wedding, these jewels will become the essentials of your collection. Designed with inspiration from the happiest moments, they are truly handcrafted at the house of Latique. When something is built like this, rarity is often equated with it.

My endeavour is to create jewellery that compliments the wearers’ personality. I strive to create timeless pieces of jewellery which can be handed down generations. Each design ensures that every uncut diamond and every gem, be it a ruby, emerald or pearl, is set in a way that maximises its brilliance and beauty,” says Latique founder and designer Latika Khanna.


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