Keep your skin alive this lockdown

 Keep your skin alive this lockdown

Dr Akber Aimer

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a drastic change in our lifestyle. The world has been staying indoors for the past one-and-a-half months and it has led to increased discussions about the importance of mental wellbeing and self-care. People have been investing more time in taking care of themselves and skincare is one of the most important priorities right now. The amount of physical activity the body is getting is very less and there is an increase in mental stress. This can harm your skin. Isolation can make your skin dry and it becomes more susceptible to breakouts which can damage your skin’s health on a long-term basis. To maintain good skin health during this isolation period, the following hacks can do a world of good for your skin:

Washing your face
This is the most basic and the most important thing to do. Washing your face twice a day should be the mandatory step to maintain good skin health. Washing your face as soon as you wake up helps you remove any bacteria, oil and other harmful particles which would have settled on the skin overnight. This will also help you in clearing off the traces of nighttime skincare products and gives your skin a fresh start to the day. Evenings, ideally before bedtime, are best for deep cleansing your skin which would be exposed to various indoor pollutants, dirt accumulated over the day and hydrates your skin. Make sure you use a facewash recommended by your doctor based on your skin type.

Importance of vitamin C post-facewash
Vitamin C is the most essential and important element in your skincare regime. It keeps your skin hydrated, helps improve your skin with hyperpigmentation and increases the firmness of your skin. Vitamin C will help you keep your skin away from the majority of the pollution. Vitamin C can be used on the skin in the form of serums, various body lotions and face washes. Make sure any of these products you use are free from chemicals.

Use of retinol is a bonus
Retinol is one of the major sources of Vitamin A for skin. It is one of the most powerful anti-ager because it can hold the water into the skin and keep it constantly hydrated. Using it before a moisturiser or after the use of your sunscreen will lead to positive results for your skin.

Regular sunscreen use does wonders
Sunscreen should be an important element of your skincare regime even when you are staying indoors. Because of the lockdown, we are increasingly exposed to our laptops, mobile phones and TVs. This has increased our skin’s exposure to blue light which can damage the collagen of the skin, change your pigments and have a long-lasting effect on the skin. Use of a good sunscreen will protect the skin from exposure to these harmful lights, delay the ageing process of skin and improve pigmentation and skin health.

Dr Aimer is Director of Aesthetic Medicine, Maya Medi Spa


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