Elements by Isharya is based on four elements of Nature

 Elements by Isharya is based on four elements of Nature

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Jewellery brand Isharya has come up with its new collection, Elements. As the name suggests, the pieces in the collection encapsulate the energy of the four elements – fire, air, water and earth, fluently and charmingly.
The pieces come in 18-karat gold textured with organic imprints, and stacks of scintillation infusing nature’s elements that are the cornerstone of philosophy, science, and medicine ever since life emerge on this planet.
Capturing the aura of the stars, the collection also showcases pieces perfect for Zodiac lovers. The detachable Zodiac charms are an enjoyable way to wear one’s identity.
There are 65 jewellery pieces in all in the price range of Rs 2,999 – Rs 9,999, including charm bangles, necklaces, earrings and chunky rings with healing crystals like pink quartz, lapis lazuli, amazonite, and moonstone. Some pieces have natural forms like the tusk, horn, star, and moon etc entwined into them, representing the genesis of life itself. The collection has both the easy-to-wear, versatile trinkets that can be worn all year round and durable traditional necklaces, earrings and bracelets modernised for new-age women to be worn during functions or festivals.
Speaking about the collection, co-founder Gauri Tandon said “Elements is for those who like a personal connection with their jewellery. It explores the journey of time through fossil-inspired patterns, zodiac depictions and many more exuberant creations that celebrate both colour and design.”
“For Elements, we took inspiration from the mighty elements of matter — water, earth, fire, and air. Employing time-tested techniques like engraving to produce fossil impressions, and stone inlaying to incorporate semi-precious stones like jades, amber, lapis, amazonite, moonstone and pink quartz, we honour ancient artistry, but meld it with innovative design techniques that go beyond trends. The collection brings a distinct gear change to your jewellery box,” says Gauri.
“Since the dawn of time, humans have sought answers in the stars. Elements takes this sentiment forward with a collection that embodies the fascination we have towards the universe,” says the other Co-Founder Radhika Tandon.

Tips to maintain gold-plated jewellery
Clean and polish each piece with a soft cloth and store it separately.
The pieces should avoid contact with perfume, chemicals, moisture,
excessive force or extreme temperature to maintain lustre.

“We want to democratise the art of wearing jewellery and give each woman a treasure-trove of unique gems that champion style, creativity and freedom,” says Gauri explaining the reason behind keeping the price range low.
Elements is for the discerning tastemakers of today who are looking beyond junk jewellery, and want to invest in jewellery with a soul. It is for those who have a taste for both past and present,” says Gauri, talking about the target buyers.
Stressing that gold-plated jewellery is much in vogue these day, she opines, “True luxury is feeling your best. Our pieces speak to women because of our meticulously-developed unique design language. We have been embraced by luxury buyers for our use of semi-precious stones, signature polki-cut mirrors and premium quality crystals along with 18 karat gold-plating.”



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