Five pieces that every Indian bride must have in her jewellery box

 Five pieces that every Indian bride must have in her jewellery box

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The biggest celebrations of love, style, and abundance are weddings. Making a wedding unforgettable requires careful consideration of every aspect, starting with the theme. Unquestionably, the stunning bride is the main focus of every wedding. As she walks down the aisle wearing the most exquisite clothing and jewellery, all eyes are on her and her timeless beauty. Here is a list of important jewels that will make you appear beautiful and ethereal on your special day if you are a bride-to-be getting ready to wed the love of your life.

Maang Tikka
first Without a Maang Tikka on her forehead, no bride is complete. When worn at the hair part, maang tikkas offer a vintage appeal that will transport you back in time. Maang tikkas come in a variety of shapes and patterns, so when choosing one, bear in mind the shape of your forehead and the appearance you want to achieve. A thicker tikka will look wonderful on a large forehead. A lighter maang tikka will look attractive and gracefully proportioned on a forehead that is smaller than typical. Maang tikkas are typically made to go with the rest of your jewellery. The Matha Patti, which has decorated chains on both sides, is an enhancement to Maang Tikka. The must-have jewellery on your wedding day is without a doubt matha patti, which is made to exude nobility.

The necklace is yet another essential piece of jewellery for an Indian bride. A beautifully designed traditional necklace can transform your appearance. A necklace enhances your overall appearance in addition to making your neck sparkle. Depending on your jewellery preferences and the general concept of your outfit, there are many different styles of necklaces available. These could include addigai, bib necklaces, the jadavi lacha (which was created by the Nizams of Hyderabad), mango haram, etc. Don’t forget to include these sorts on your list of must-have jewellery items because they lend a touch of ethereality to your entire aura.

Rani Haar
The name “rani haar” refers to a neckpiece used by queens. Long, regal neckpieces called raani haars catch people’s attention. A raani haar is much longer and more regal than a necklace, and it has multiple layers and a pendant. Raani haars are incredibly beautiful and have a royal flair to them. They are frequently set with rubies, emeralds, or even diamonds and pearls. No Indian woman should pass up the chance to wear this majestic chain of perfection on her wedding day since raani haar is a daring and distinctive piece of jewellery.

It’s important to cover your ears when wearing a stunning necklace or a regal raani haar. While your earrings should match your necklace and other jewellery, they don’t have to be large or outlandish. Since you have to wear earrings all day, you must select ones that are lightweight enough to allow you to wear them continuously. After determining your degree of comfort, you can play around with the designs. Every bride needs to wear gorgeous earrings, and no matter how little you may think they contribute to the overall look, people will surely notice them.

Waistband or kamarbandh
The most seductive wedding jewellery is waistband jewellery. They come in a variety of lengths and patterns and might be thick or thin, studded, or beaded. They wrap the waist and draw attention to both your clothing and your waistline. A stunning Kamar bandh is the most alluring piece of jewellery since it complements sarees and lehengas and enhances your torso.

Shefali Verma, Founder, House of Goldsmith says, “The magnificent maang tikka that adorns her forehead, symbolizing beauty and elegance; the resplendent necklace, a statement piece that embraces her neck with grace and grandeur; the dazzling pair of earrings that illuminate her face, reflecting her joy and radiance; the exquisite bangles that embellish her wrists, signifying tradition and prosperity; and the anklets that adorn her feet, enchanting every step she takes with their melodious charm. These five jewels, steeped in culture and tradition, complete the ensemble of an Indian bride, enhancing her beauty and making her shine like a queen on her special day.


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