Hair today, hair tomorrow!

 Hair today, hair tomorrow!

Anurag Kaul

To tell you the truth, I had never used a hair serum till Vedix Hair Serum crossed my path. A part of the Hair Growth Solution kit that comprises a serum, an oil and a shampoo, it is an excellent solution to control the frizz from the newly washed and dried hair. That it is a non-greasy Ayurvedic preparation scores maximum points for it.|
The hair serum is a part of three-step hair solution, the other two being hair oil and shampoo.
Significantly, Vedix makes customised hair care regimens taking into account the hair type and its specific needs. The one I have is for hair regrowth – rampant use of hair colour and straightener/ dryer has caused a lot of hair fall, which has been worrying me no end.
The fact that these products are free of chemicals (SLES, parabens, sulphates) and designed and approved by Ayurvedic practitioners assured me that if nothing these won’t do any bad to my scalp or hair.
Continuous following of the hair care regimen has turned my hair soft and smooth. They are less frizzy now, and look more nourished. I think long term use will help re-grow my hair.
The three-piece kit cost me Rs 1,299 for hair serum, Rs 899 for anti-hair fall oil and Rs 499 for shampoo.
The cons
One irritant is that the oil solidifies during winters. So these days before every application, I first have to put the bottle in hot water so that oil can be extracted from it. The R&D team at Vedix should find a way so that the hair oil remains in liquid state even during winters. I am sure they can.
How to get customised products
It is simple. Log on to the website ( and answer the questionnaires to get a free analysis on your hair and immunity. And thereafter which Vedix product will suit you best.


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