Grooming the groom

 Grooming the groom

Weddings are one time when the bridegroom also shares a good part of the limelight. Today, men do not shy away from treatments to look their best. Grooming involves a total “top-to-toe” effort. It shows that attention has been paid to every detail and it certainly does not detract from masculinity at all. Weekly facials are recommended to refine and revitalise the skin. Professional deep cleansing, with exfoliation, toning and massage help to remove the dead skin cells, stimulate circulation and nourish the skin. The skin becomes clearer and more translucent. The improved blood circulation gives the skin a healthy glow. Facial massages also help to reduce stress and fatigue as the important day approaches.

Have your haircut, at least, two weeks in advance so that your hair and the style have settled by the wedding date. Your hair should have a well-conditioned, manageable look. You should have a shampoo on the day of the wedding. First shampoo the hair and rinse it well with water. Then apply a few drops of conditioner, massaging it lightly into the hair. Wash off with plain water after two minutes. Or use a leave on conditioner or hair serum.

Many hair grooming preparations, like creams and gels, are also available. These impart a high degree of sheen to the hair, but they can also make your hair look greasy. You should try out new hair grooming aids much before the wedding date, to see what suits your hair.

Like every other day, you will definitely have your shave. But, on this special day, you should have another one, just before you start getting ready. It will help you look fresh and bright. After using your after-shave lotion, apply a little liquid moisturiser if the skin feels dry.

Keep more time for your bath. Pay special attention to the hands and feet, scrub the heels with a pumice stone, or heel scrubber. Add some eau de cologne to your bath water. It has a refreshing effect and makes you feel good too. After your bath, apply talcum powder, or a body lotion, all over, even on your feet. Rub some of the lotion on your hands and nails too and then wipe off with a moist towel. Try cologne, instead of perfume. Colognes have a lighter and more subtle fragrance.

A day before the wedding or on the day itself, have your manicure and pedicure at a men’s salon. Dispel the idea that this is a feminine pastime. Professional salon treatments for the hands and feet would help to make them look clean and well-groomed. The nails will be cleaned and the dead skin removed. In fact, a pedicure, with a foot massage, is also extremely relaxing.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror. If your eyes look dull and tired and you have some time to spare, soak cotton wool pads in chilled rose water or rose-based skin tonic.  Lie down, with eyes closed and the cotton wool pads on the eyelids. Relax for fifteen minutes. It will really help to calm you down and remove fatigue.

Last, but not least, try to get to bed early for the two nights before the wedding. Have all your bachelor parties before that, so that you have enough time to recover. You should feel relaxed and confident as you go forward to face the future.




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