Get a Navratri tattoo today

 Get a Navratri tattoo today

A tattoo is truly a form of self-expression and getting tattoos done during Indian festivities are gaining an increased popularity these days. Men and women are keen on getting tattoos that signify the importance of their tradition with a combination of ideas that are an extension of their personality. Lately, there has been an increase in the number of spiritual and religious tattoos. Youngsters have come up with tattoo designs in the form of images, symbols and sacred words to dedicate their love for Goddess Durga.

“While women have been getting tattoos inspired by or directly related to Mother Goddess Durga or traditional tribal tattoos like rabari, decorative henna-like tattoos, men either get bigger tattoos done that depict the story of the Ramayana or the victory of good over evil. The most relatable tattoos are of Goddess Durga, Ravana, the symbolic representation of the trident or Trishul, the lotus flower that signifies purity and harmony , and the tiger/lion tattoos that signify power and strength,” shares celebrity tattoo artist and  founder of BodyCanvas Tattoos, Vikas Malani.


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