Flawsome caters to plus size women’s Western outfit needs

 Flawsome caters to plus size women’s Western outfit needs

Renu Bhatia (left) and two of her designs

Taruna Sharma

As a child, she would design small frocks for her dolls, spending hours on end stitching those with needle and thread. By the time she entered teenage years, she had picked up her career choice – fashion designing. Fortunately, her parents agreed with her, and got her admitted to YWCA Connaught Place, New Delhi after she completed her schooling in 1999.
Passing out from YWCA, Renu Bhatia set up her own boutique, running it successfully for two years before she got married. Post wedding, Renu had to bury her business dreams into the deep recesses of her heart, thanks to a stiff opposition by her in-laws. “For 17 long years, I kept on trying to convince them to let me re-start my business but they wouldn’t agree and I didn’t have strength enough to go against their wishes. Pandemic jolted me, made me realise that I have to stand up for myself, that there is no other time than now. Hence was born Flawsome,” says Renu. “Covid impacted many lives adversely, but it transformed mine for good. While it disrupted my physical as well as mental health, it also made me realise life is very unpredictable and I must follow my dream, otherwise I will only have regrets in life,” she adds.
Flawsome caters to women in the age group of 18-35, specialising in Western outfits. What’s more: It makes dresses in seven sizes instead of the regular three available in the market. “I believe we must accept ourselves. Accepting our body for all our wonderful assets and perceived flaws boosts our mood and self-confidence. The size of the apparel is merely a number, it doesn’t stand for a person’s identity,” she opines. In conversation with Life & More, Renu tells us more:

What challenges did you face while setting up Flawsome, and how did you overcome them?
Lack of financial support was the biggest challenge. I got the first piece I designed stitched from a nearby tailor and then sold it at a margin of Rs 400. That’s how I began. Small margins never discouraged me as I believe “a drop makes an ocean”.

What’s the reason behind specialising in Western wear?
That’s because there are many brands dealing in affordable ethnic wear but only a few that offer Western outfits at pocket-friendly prices, in all sizes.
We make pieces that can be worn anytime and anywhere be it workplace, brunch, lunch, dinner, parties, vacations, honeymoon, etc. We have casual styles that resonate with teens, semi-formals that resonate with boss ladies and trendy dresses that can make you look chic and glamorous. Having said that, we also make ethnic wear.


Of which size do you get most customers?
Plus size, and that’s my USP as well.

Which styles are most in demand?
In plus size, our knee length midis and tunic are most in demand whereas in regular size, our cord sets are much in demand.

Name a few designers who have inspired you.
Coco Chanel, Donatella Versace, Calvin Klein, and Giorgio Armani.

Which colours are in vogue this season for women?
Many like Lilac, Illuminating Yellow, Scarlet, Salted Caramel, Rich Green, Neon Green, Ice blue, Ocean blue, Burnt orange, Zesty Lime. Even Hot Pink and Brown tones are much in vogue.

What do you think is the best part of being a fashion designer?
That I can keep creating, there is no end to creations. Designing is akin to inventing – creating newer designs for different shapes, sizes and fits is very satisfying. I like the fact that being a fashion designer I add glamour to the lives of people, I make them look good. But it is a great responsibility as well – my clients put their trust on me and I have to come up to their expectations.


Does Flawsome use metaverse technology?
There is no denial of the fact that Metaverse has entered the fashion industry and many high end brands have adapted to this. However, we haven’t planned anything yet.

What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?
It has enabled consumers to adopt and move on from fashion trends quicker than ever. It appeases the clientele and lets fashion brands unlock their potential for creative and commercial success.


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