FabIndia launches FabNU

 FabIndia launches FabNU

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For the quintessential modern Indian woman, Fabindia has launched a new daughter brand, FabNU. Stemming from the ever-evolving universe of Fabindia but moulded in a whole new avatar, FabNU is multifaceted, fashion-forward and a fresh perspective on modern India’s apparel, underlining the motto ‘CelebrateYou’ and ‘UnapologeticallyYou’. The launch aims at offering clothes that embody not just the woman of today, but a woman of now, the global citizen who appreciates local. The woman who is as comfortable scrolling and relating to digital trends as she is tapped into the richness of her traditions and craft.
There are four collections – flows – during its first phase, catering their offerings to a younger audience, both of mind and the spirit. These include are Indie Dreams, Flashback, Conversation Starter and Folkadelic.
Speaking about the collection, Group Head of Brand and Community Dipali Patwa said, “FabNU is more than a brand. It is our young community’s desire to find themselves within the framework of what they feel is authentic to them. FabNU is a desire to be unapologetically you! Real adventure in life is having the experiences that make you who you are. Marvel with wonder, Experience without hesitation, Travel with love, Live without fear, Find your FabNU, and Celebrate You!”

Indie Dreams

Engulfing the undying spirit of millennial aura within it’s essence, this flow is a fine blend of affordable and wearable- made in the simplest, most comfortable materials. It carries a mix of light breathable cotton and self textures as well as linens in hues of blue, whites and reds


This one is filled with old school treasures and elementary geometrics. Broken-whites and cracked indigo-mud-resist-technique; this collection is complemented with a hint of red accents. It also offers a canvas to the indigo craft in a new, more experimental light with natural brush strokes and repeat-less hand-block and hand-screen patterns achieved through Dabu.

Conversation Starter

A refreshing new take on vibrant juxtaposition, Conversation Starter is a blast of colours – which is as relatable as it’s different. This flow comes to life with saturated – yarn-dye and interactive motifs against a neutral and solid base of pigments that include deep hues of reds, amber, lapis blue, pebble grey, etc in hand screen.


With a kaleidoscopic play of tones and textures, Folkadelic is the best of both worlds. With free-flowing dresses that are perfect from sun up to sun down, non-restricting silhouettes and stunning coordinated sets – this flow allows you to be comfortable best at all times.


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