WOMEN’S DAY ‘Ahead of challenges lie unparalleled opportunities’

 WOMEN’S DAY ‘Ahead of challenges lie unparalleled opportunities’

Sania Arora Jain, Managing Director, Biome Lifesciences India

This Women’s Day we profile some women entrepreneurs who started small but have nevertheless carved a niche for themselves

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Fabindia recently came out with its immersive personal care range – Fabessentials. Designed to create pure, sustainable and natural products, the range includes skincare, haircare, body and bath, aromatherapy and gift sets. “Skincare is becoming more natural, has more ingredient-driven innovation and far more real and affordable. The idea behind coming up with Fabessentials is to bring health and well-being into universal consciousness and make it affordable ‘luxury’ for day-day use,” says Sania Arora Jain, Managing Director, Biome Lifesciences India. “Studies have shown that exposure to hormone disrupting chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde etc cause irreparable damage to body,” she adds. In an interview with Life & More, Jain tells us more:

Tell us the story behind the setting up of FabEssentials.
Fabessential was formed with an endeavor to create scientifically backed personal care products made in India, that were free of endocrine disruptors and harmful ingredients. The idea was to create a range to showcase the power of natural bio-actives , by sourcing extracts from nature that catalyze one another and deliver results that benefit a person on the inside as well as outside. My ideology remains to bring health and personal well-being into universal consciousness and make it an affordable ‘luxury’ for day to day use.

What challenges did you face on the way?
No journey is without obstacles- however ahead of challenges lie unparalleled opportunities. The main challenge is there is less understanding about products amongst users on how 100s of chemicals that we use daily interact with our body. California became the first state to pass a toxic free cosmetic act that bans ingredients that have carcinogenetic, endocrine disrupting and act on decreasing fertility.

Fabessential product Fabessential product
Sandalwood Body Lotion (left) & Spice Musk Body Spray

What interested you in the skincare segment, that you thought of coming up with a brand?
I have always been extremely passionate about being kind to my skin. There is doubt propagated by big industries making claims that we have nothing to worry about. In an endeavor to improve quality of life by screening the hundreds of chemicals that we use every morning before stepping out, we decided to make a toxin-free brand for personal care which is affordable and safe luxury at the same time. Luxury because we screen each and every product for levels towards a clean beauty initiative which is currently not looked at from a scientific standpoint in the beauty industry.

Fabessential product
Aloe Vera +Avocado Shampoo

How are these products different from the others in the market?
Our products are pure, sustainable and natural. Our motto ‘Kindness is essential’ is our USP as also strength. These are free from five harmful chemicals – Parabens, Phosphates, Formaldehyde, Phthalates and GMOs, are ethically sourced and curated with the highest quality standards. Also, all fragrances meet the guidelines of the International Fragrance Association. Formulated with natural bioactive compounds, the products are cruelty free, dermatologically tested and free from silicon, alcohol and mineral oil.

Fabessential product Fabessential product
Rose petal Lip Butter (left) & Vitamin E Daily Moisturising Cream

What are your future plans?
We want to expand our presence in the market and enter new channels. Biome Life Sciences India wants to be the impelling force of consciousness for beauty & body care products that are truly kind to the skin and are of the highest quality and efficacy, based on rigorous scientific data that bring science and nature in symphony.



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