Experience Italian luxury with Ferrara fabrics

 Experience Italian luxury with Ferrara fabrics

Break out of the old mundane wardrobes this season and explore the new sophisticated collection offered by the Italian luxury brand, Ferrara. Offering one-of-a-kind fabrics, Ferrara imbibes the latest runway trends with the innate sensibilities of the Indian market. The variety of fabric offerings include Cashmere, Mohair and Merino wool blends. The fabric has an Italian design sensibility, and drapes remarkably well when tailored.
While the colour range never fails to impress, this collection includes Merlot, Hazel, Sugar Almond, Green Olive, Forest Biome, Evening Blue, Bluestone, Tyrian Purple, Frost Grey, Paloma, Chicory Coffee and Vanilla Custard among others.
Ferrara is not only known for the classic suiting fabrics but also known for its wide range of jacketing including fine tweeds. Exotic fibres like cashmere, mohair, wool and silk are extensively used in order to make luxurious Ferrara fabrics. Some of the exquisite fibres in this range are:

Cashmere Known for its unparalleled soft texture, fineness and warmth, Cashmere is the lightest among all animal fibres. It also has a high degree of natural curl/ crimp. The outer scale of the cashmere fibre is short and smooth and there is a layer of air between the fibre which makes it light and soft. When cashmere is blended with top-quality wool, its durability increases and is highly adaptable to climate change. Part of the latest Ferrara collection entails Super 180s, 140s & 100s wool & cashmere jacketing and super 180s and 140s suitings.
Mohair It is obtained from Angora goats and was produced exclusively in Turkey for thousands of years. Mohair is extremely refined and has a natural shine. The fibre takes to dyes easily and can be rendered in a multitude of colours. A strange but unique feature of this fibre is that it keeps the wearer warm even when wet! The fibre is famous for its anti-pilling, anti-matting, and anti-crushing qualities. This season, Ferrara offers a range of products with Mohair which have an impeccable and fine finish.


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