Epique’s multi-action sculpting and firming cream

 Epique’s multi-action sculpting and firming cream

Skincare brand Epique has combined the best of Nature into a multi-action sculpting and firming cream ideal for mature skin (for women above 30 years). The cream contains the advanced lifting and tightening phyto-concentrate formula and is packed with concentrated plant molecular extracts of Pure Coleus Forskohlin root, Centella Asiatica leaf, Escin(horse chestnut ) seed  and Vitamin E.
All of these ingredients act at an intra-cellular level to visibly lift, firm and tighten all facial zones and improve the skin’s resilience and tonicity. It promises to increase collagen production, maintain skin elasticity and prevent fluid retention. Epique’s sculpting and firming formula visibly tightens and rejuvenates the sagging skin with a multi action lifting and firming effect thus leaving the skin feel firmer, even and toned .Consistent use will make you feel as good as gold.
Available online www.myepique.com
Price Rs 4,300 for 50 ml


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