Detoxyfying mask for glowing skin

 Detoxyfying mask for glowing skin

Team L&M

Do you know what the everyday grind that you go through while travelling to and from your place of work does to your skin? Particularly the face. Well, it not only damages the skin but also robs it of its shine and suppleness.

How to get it back. Worry not…Help is round the corner

Use 3-in-1 detoxifying mask from the house of Teal and Terra. It contains activated charcoal, sandalwood, rose and mint, the four best ingredients for your skin. Charcoal removes dirt, pulls out all impurities and bacteria. Sandalwood removes tan, rose oil hydrates while mint cools the skin.

The result is flawless complexion, no wrinkles and a perfectly toned skin.

Use it twice a week at least, and keep glowing!



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