How the market for children’s luxury clothing has grown over time

 How the market for children’s luxury clothing has grown over time

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Swati Saraf 

Over the years the kidswear market has undergone a paradigm shift. Where once it was just a need-based industry, at present luxury has seamlessly permeated into the kids’ apparel segment. Owing to this, the segment has risen to the occasion to be recognised as an industry that previously was not even in the league to be part of the mainstream apparel market. The luxury kidswear market is growing at a promising rate and it has the potential to claim the major share of the retail fashion industry as a whole. The rate at which the industry is expanding, the segment is very likely to create a niche for itself.

This incessant integration of opulence into kidswear can be attributed to the robust internet penetration that bodes well for the change in consumer behavior. There was a time when kidswear was thought of as a purely regular or basic outfit market that didn’t cater much to the varied style or fashion in the final product. But the gradual transition into the digital world unveiled a lot of opportunities that broadened the scope of the industry.

The role of millennial parents has been instrumental in giving the desired boost to the industry. The parents themselves are very fashion-oriented and seek the same level of fashion and fineness in their children as well. Keeping in line with this, having an active presence across social media platforms has helped them stay updated with the latest fashion trend surfacing across the globe. Considering the exposure and awareness created through digital media, parents these days are quite brand conscious to give the best to their children.

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Having grown up in the digital age, even the kids are familiar with the trending fashion styles. They no longer share the same behavior portrayed by the previous generations who were either limited to functional clothing or popularly practiced twinning with their siblings. Nowadays, with so much exposure, the kids have developed a style of their own where they don the latest fashion with utter confidence. They are actively involved at every stage of decision-making during the selection and purchase. Given the rising preference for trending fashion, haute couture is being increasingly sought even in the kidswear segment, giving impetus to the demand for luxury in the kidswear industry.

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Where consumer preference was shaping the industry, the coming of e-commerce riding the digital wave further contributed to its further growth. It altogether elevated the entire shopping experience for parents who incessantly turned to the online shopping method for a seamless experience. The rising popularity of e-commerce amongst parents attracted the attention of leading international luxury brands to the Indian market. Before e-commerce, the luxury clothing brands were known only to a handful, but the onset of online shopping aided in expanding the visibility of luxury brands to a much wider audience. In addition to this, the population beyond metro cities becoming active on social media has augured well for the penetration of luxury kidswear brands in tier II and III cities as well.

The luxury kidswear market has come a long way but there are still a lot of opportunities to be explored in the market. Discerning the growing needs of kids, brands are diversifying their offerings to cater to their end-to-end requirements. Moreover, the luxury segment is no longer limited to the apparel market but it is bringing about the confluence of a wide range of products entailing accessories, utility commodities, shoes, jewelry, furniture, etc. Going ahead, there is a lot of scope for expansion and it will be interesting to see how the industry will innovate to always give the best to its customers.

Swati Saraf is President, Les Petits


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