CaratLane’s Ballet collection

 CaratLane’s Ballet collection

CaratLane’s latest collection portrays unparalleled grace and elegance of the dance form of ballet. Ballet is a dance style that combines the art of storytelling with graceful movements. It transcends language to depict heartwarming stories with fluid moves and dramatic spins.

The Ballet collection features dramatic spirals and intricate motifs inspired by twists, spins and pirouettes of ballet. The designs marry the grace of ballet with the elegance of pearls and diamonds. And the result? Mesmerising jewellery you’ll fall in love with… At first sight.
CaratLane has crafted these designs in 18K rose and yellow gold to bring to life the understated beauty of ballet. A collection of 20 designs comprising rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets embellished with diamonds and pearls, starting at Rs 12,000.


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