Body mists: The new fragrance favourite

 Body mists: The new fragrance favourite


Body mists are increasingly becoming a must-have fragrance for everyone. But do you know what exactly is it, how is it applied on body, and how is it different from perfumes and deodorants? Worry not. We give you a lowdown on all this. But just remember one thing: All those who want a long-lasting fragrance from the moment they step out of their morning shower till they retire to bed, body should be a staple on their dressing table.

What is a body mist?
As compared to a perfume, body mist is lighter, softer and less concentrated. It has a pleasant all-over scent and not an overpowering fragrance that perfumes and deodorants have. But the longevity of the scent is short and hence it has to be applied after every four hours.

How to use a body mist?
Unlike perfumes that are usually put on pulse points, and can be sprayed on clothes as well as, body mists are applied directly on the skin all over the body, immediately after bath. The regimen is apply body butter after bath and spray body mist on top of it. The moisturising properties of the body butter helps hydrate your skin which, in turn, will help lock in your fragrance.



Other benefits of body mists
Apart from using on your body, body mists can also be used on fabrics, especially when these have been kept locked in cupboards for a long time, as in the current Work From Home situation. For this, just keep your dress at an arms-length and give it a spritz with a body mist. Then leave it to hang outside of the wardrobe for a quick refresh before you get dressed.
These work well as room fresheners. Gently spray body mists around your home and on upholstery and cushions (not on any delicate fabric though) for a subtle yet sweet home scent.
Body mists are budget-friendly as compared to perfumes because they have a low concentration of fragrance oils. You can even use body mists for fragrance layering along with expensive perfumes. The perfumes will last longer this way!
A light spray of lavender/ chamomile/ sandalwood body mist on bed linen and pillows helps get sound sleep.


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