Know the best pre-bridal skin & hair treatments for brides 

 Know the best pre-bridal skin & hair treatments for brides 

Dr Navnit Haror

All brides should be very cautious with their hair and skin before the big day. For this reason, they need some special treatments for pre-bridal grooming packages that will make them look radiant!
If you’re looking for a way to make your wedding day flawless, then these treatments are perfect. You can indulge in some beautifying sessions with the help of our professionals.

It’s not just about making your brows thick, it also makes them full. This treatment is done by applying incision strokes to the skin with a nano blade which will give you that groomed look in no time!

Derma roller
If you’re feeling like your skin is sagging, then a derma roller may be the perfect solution to get it back in shape. This device creates microscopic punctures on our cells and helps improve elasticity by improving blood flow – resulting with healthier looking collagen for younger looking glowy skin.

The most important thing for your makeup application is to have a smooth texture. This can be achieved with this exfoliation treatment before 1-2 weeks of the wedding! It removes all dead skin cells giving you silky, soft looking results that won’t crease or jeopardize any nearby makeup applications.

A facial is a must-have before one week of your wedding. For different skin types and problems, there are many facials to choose from! Talk with your dermatologist about which one would be right for you based on the condition or concern that needs attention most urgently – they will know what’s best for you.

Face polishing
You deserve to feel like a queen on your wedding day! This treatment will not only give you the most beautiful skin but also make sure that all of those pores are clean and clear, leaving no room for clogged oil. Whether you are looking to scrub away dry patches or add zit cream, this one is perfect for the job. It will give your skin a healthy look that can be maintained with regular use before your BIG day!

Deep chemical peel
A chemical peel can make your skin look and feel years younger! It jumpstarts the exfoliation process, which promotes faster cell turnover. This means blemish free smooth glowing complexions for you in no time at all!
With this in mind, we hope you’ll consider booking one of our pre-bridal grooming packages. We know that your wedding day is the most important day ever and want to make sure that it’s perfect – for both you and your bridesmaids! You can rest assured knowing that these treatments are tailored specifically to meet all of your needs. If anything seems unclear or if there’s something about which you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we can help you plan accordingly.

Dr Navnit Haror is Founder and Director of Derma Miracle Clinic



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