Beauty tips men want to know but are shy to ask

 Beauty tips men want to know but are shy to ask

Looking good is not just a female prerogative. Men also realise the importance of appearance. Looking one’s best imparts self-confidence, very necessary in today’s competitive career world. Moreover, there are many jobs in which the appearance counts, like public and media relations, front office jobs, marketing and sales, jobs in hotels, banks, tourism, television (anchoring, news reading), modelling, fashion industry and so on.

There was a time when teenage boys and men were too embarrassed to look for solutions to skin problems like acne. We had not yet started our men’s salon then. But I would get letters from boys expressing despair about problems like acne and hair loss, and looking for solutions. We would then refer them to our salon, from where they could buy products to use at home. Men felt that asking for a beauty solution was not a manly thing to do. Fortunately, the mindset has changed. We started our men’s salon and launched our product range for men in 1991. Today, men’s salons have mushroomed and men are going in for treatments.

A clean hairless body for men has become a trend. Men who have excess hair growth, on the chest, shoulders and back want to have it removed. But, they were too shy to find out how to do it. The present fad may have been triggered off by the general trend towards fitness and body building. More men, than ever before, are going to gyms and health clubs. Men want to wear vests, shorts and T-shirts with short sleeves. Movie stars, the usual trend-setters, are baring their bodies on screen, to show off their built-up biceps to best advantage. So, it is all about the macho image – the present trend is showing your muscles and not your hair. Today, men’s salons offer hair removal, while many men prefer to use epilators at home.



Although I have written time and again that the beauty of the skin lies in its good health and not its colour, the demand for a fair complexion continued to exist in India. In fact, men also want to be fair and fairness creams for men were introduced. Men were too embarrassed to admit that they want to use a fairness product.

Men want brighter, glowing skin, but are hesitant to find out the appropriate beauty treatment. Many men still believe that going for skin treatments like exfoliation is not for men. They want simple routines that only involve washing the face. However, if the skin is oily and prone to blackheads, a scrub can easily be added to the morning cleansing routine. Men can easily apply astringent lotion to remove oiliness and use a scrub.

Men are also hesitant to ask about an anti-ageing skin routine. Yet, a man’s skin can also suffer from dryness the way a woman’s skin can. In fact, men are out in the sun more and sun-exposure can dry out the skin. But, using moisturisers, sunscreens and nourishing cream will help to soften the skin and moisturise it. However, men need to be told how to use the various akin and hair care products.



Men can also wear make-up. Skin care, facials, manicure and pedicure have already become a part of male grooming. So, why should make-up be far behind? Men are shy about using make-up, but they can take the help of concealers, foundation, or tinted moisturisers for achieving an even colour tone and to conceal blemishes. There is no reason why men should not take the help of make-up to look and feel good. The final effect of make-up is usually a result of trial and error. Just remember that the make-up should be subtle, regardless of the time, effort, cosmetics and make-up tools that you may have used.


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