Beauty of fallen leaves in the Zar Bagh collection

 Beauty of fallen leaves in the Zar Bagh collection

October brings autumn, the crimson skies and golden trees that reveal the colours that were hidden all year. Loka, with their Signature Collection, Zar Bagh, highlights the beauty of the fallen leaves; in various shades of purple-red, golden yellow, golden bronze, crimson and orange-red often considered of poetic impact, evoking an alluring golden garden.

The collection is inspired by the transition in seasons and colours and comprises the staple Loka silhouettes in Chanderi silk, Moonga silk  and Tussar silk. Classic and versatile enough to be paired with the brand’s signature ‘ombre-shaded’ dupattas and shaded overlays. This collection emphasises the distinctness of using varied shades beautifully blending in to create a visual balance.


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