Beat the summer heat in style

 Beat the summer heat in style

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Summers are here and there’s no way you can beat the heat unless you start to wear the hot on you. Beat the heat in style should be your bag mantra for this season. What defines style better than carrying off an eloquent bag that enhances your personality instantly?

Here’s a list of the most fashionable summer bags from Metro Shoes curated just for you so that you shine wherever you go…

Behold that clutch

It’s hot outside and you don’t want to be caught looking uncomfortable as it weighs down on you and with the humidity, it is just another added baggage. Go for a clutch this season. You can be carefree and feel light carrying every fashion victim’s first choice.

Sling along girl

Sling bags are so comfortable to carry and they don’t come in the way. It is almost like you’re not carrying anything at all. It’s small yet it’s like Hermione’s magic bag that manages to fit in every little detail that you’ll need. This black bag with a satchel look is a dream in convenience and style come true.

Be a corporate role model

From your CEO meetings to your brunch discussions, a smart shoulder bag gives you the needed oomph to carry off your day like a boss! These shoulder bags are very easy to carry and they give out that “Always smart on-point style” kinda vibe. This rustic shoulder bag with an attached long strap is all you need to complete the look with your formal wear.



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