Atul Jewellers recreates grandeur of Heritage jewellery

 Atul Jewellers recreates grandeur of Heritage jewellery

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Carrying forward over half-a-decade of legacy in heralding jewellery trends, Atul Jewellers create nostalgia as the designers of the finest jewellery collection this winter at their new store in Defence Colony, New Delhi. Where every design has an origin and a reason, Atul Jewellers ensemble the rarest collection of antique and collectible jewellery displaying  soulful craftsmanship in creating exquisite pieces.

Apart from the unveiling of Heritage jewellery and Estate collection between December 17 and December 20, the store witnessed celebrity jewellery designer Neelam Kothari Soni displaying her collection.

“I couldn’t have asked a better person to collaborate with as Atul Jewellers captures the essence of heritage  as well as fine jewellery. We, at Neelam Jewels, make high-end jewellery as well as other fun jewellery like cocktail rings, party wear and bridal wear,” shared celebrity jewellery designer Neelam Kothari Soni.

Atul Jewellers and their love for jewellery are synonymic. They signify the flawless integration of Heritage and New-Age jewellery, perfectly blending the elements of design, innovation and magic. They recreate the grandeur of heritage jewellery and estate jewellery through their eternal masterpieces. Their ethereal collection brings to life iconic pieces of collectible jewellery, unique gemstones and master pieces of artisans, original antique jewellery from royal families and Estate collection.



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