At your service, yes madam

 At your service, yes madam

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha

I recently changed my residence. The place I’m living now, though a fine residential colony, has few choices when it comes to parlour services.  Moreover, unlike my earlier home where the market was just three minutes away, here we are stuck in one corner of the apartment complex while the small market is at the other end. There are a few women who provide home services, but being a cleanliness freak I am too wary of using these. Plus, my big concern is also whether these women are professional enough or not.

So when Yes Madam offered its home services, the first thing I did was check them up on the Internet. The user-friendly and professionally-done website motivated me to try their services. I booked for Face Clean-Up for 12 noon on a Thursday. Thursday, because I knew weekdays would be comparatively easier on them and I didn’t want someone to do a hush-hush job on me.

A day prior, on Wednesday, I got an email as well as a phone message from the company reminding me about the service I had booked. Then the next day, around 10 am, I received an sms from the company about the beautician who would be visiting me; around the same time I also got a call from the appointed beautician, Pooja.

At five minutes to noon, the door bell rang, and as I opened the door, I saw a neatly dressed young woman in a pair of trousers and white shirt with a smiling face. I relaxed a bit seeing her and ushered her in. The first thing she did was spread a waterproof sheet on the bed where I was to lie down and put on her apron. Then began the face clean-up process, VLCC Papaya Clean-Up, the service I had asked for.

Following is the step-wise process that happened:

Cleansing: Regular cleansing with gentle hand movements.

Scrub: A very mild papaya scrub was applied. It didn’t hurt at all; in the past I have had some rough experiences when my face has been scrubbed real hard.

Blackhead removal: Again, like a routine facial the blackhead removal thing, they used those metal picks to remove blackheads. Again the touch was gentle, I wondered if it’s going to be effective enough.

Gel pack: she then applied a gel mask evenly on my face, let it dry and then gently removed it.

Papaya mask: A papaya mask was then applied, allowed to dry and then removed gently first with wet hand massage and then with wet cotton pads.

Moisturising: The last step. And this surprised me since this last step has been always missing from the facials I have had at parlours in the past.

The entire process was so relaxing that I almost went off to sleep midway.  After the process was over, Pooja quietly packed her things up and gave me a form to fill up – the appraisal form for her services. She told me good bye and left.

Once while she was massaging my face, the lady got a call from her mom, for which she apologised to me later. “It was an emergency, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken this call,” she told me politely. I was mighty impressed. I mean, who apologises for such a thing. With no offence meant to anyone, I have seen many a staff members chatting loudly without caring for the customers present in many parlours.

Am I tempted  to use their services again?

Oh, yes!



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