TOP 5 Emerging sustainable brands in India

 TOP 5 Emerging sustainable brands in India

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The millennial generation of today prefers eco-friendly and sustainable brands. A lot of new-age brands are realising the importance and are taking initiatives towards sustainability. These businesses support our environment, ecological footprints, and nature. These businesses also place a strong emphasis on replenishing and repairing Mother Earth. Brands across different domains are venturing into the space. Let’s examine a few of these brands that support our “sustainable” way of life.

Founded in the year 2021, Sudip Ghose is the mastermind behind “uppercase”. The brand aims to emerge as a sustainable brand in the industry. The brand offers luggage solutions that are both fashionable and sustainable. Uppercase is the only brand in the industry that is certified by the GRS (Gold standard for Sustainability) in the travel accessories space in India. The products are made up of premium recycled plastic bottles to ensure the highest durability standards. The company offers 18 months of warranty on backpacks and five years of warranty on luggage.

Katharos Foods
Katharos Foods manufactures plant-based cheese that uses zero preservatives and it’s nutritious, sustainable, and 100 per cent natural. Founded in 2021, Katharos foods is the brainchild of Jasmine Bharucha. The USP of the brand is that the ingredient that the company uses to make cheese is derived from plants and seeds. To develop a brand that is sustainable, the firm has used cutting-edge plant biochemistry and in-depth food science.

Vaibhav Anant founded Bambrew in 2018, a one-stop shop for cutting-edge solutions for ecological packaging. The brand’s goal is to completely eliminate plastic from the packaging sector. Every product produced by the company is handmade and made from bamboo, sugarcane, and seaweed. Bambrew has managed to eliminate over 10,000 tons of plastic from the supply chain thanks to it.

Founded by Dr Vibha Tripathi, Swajal, now called Boon, enables access to clean water to people across the socio-economic spectrum. Boon is a multi-award-winning IoT-enabled water purification solutions provider. The company offers mineralized purified water with ultrafiltration and RO for as low as 25 paise per liter. The mineralized water by Boon provides pocket-friendly access to clean water through point-of-use water machines in public areas. This helps organisations switch from plastic water to more sustainable and healthy options, thereby reducing plastic waste exponentially. Swajal’s technology is eliminating the use of nearly 1 million plastic options every single day.

Monrow is a cruelty-free and environmentally friendly footwear brand that Veena Ashiya founded. There is a sustainability boom happening in the apparel and footwear sectors. From airy flats, cozy sneakers, and kitten heels to enviably pretty pumps, block heels, wedges, and stilettos, each pair of shoes they create makes a sustainable fashion statement. The brand has grown significantly over the past five years and has received funding again, which served as the jet fuel for them.




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