Organically generated electricity available in South Delhi

 Organically generated electricity available in South Delhi

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To propose sustainable solution for effective waste disposal and recovery of resources and to manage and process large quantity of waste in the National Capital, an aerobic composter, a bio-methanation plant and an effluent treatment plant was recently started by the South Delhi civic body in Punjabi Bagh.

Yasasu EMS, a product line incubated by Organic Recycling Systems Pvt Ltd, developed a packaged solid waste processing plant for processing municipal solid waste. It treats waste at source based on DRYCO-ADTM technology. The first decentralised unit of five tonnes organic feed capacity has been installed and commissioned at Punjabi Bagh which falls under South Delhi Municipal Corporation. The plant generates approximately 250 units per day and around 800 kg per day of organic manure. The bio-methanation plant and aerobic drum composter are “plug and play” model and can be shifted to another site at any time. These are zero- charged plants with minimal requirement of water for cleaning.

The process is indigenously developed to suit Indian conditions and effectively process urban organic waste like household organic wastes, food wastes, horticultural wastes etc delivered mixed or segregated to the plant. The biogas produced on digestion which is similar to natural gas quality, can be used to produce electricity and the manure generated is of high quality which can be used from urban to rural spaces. With this solution, they are also promoting social entrepreneurship model to make decentralised waste management solution a success.

The product range has been designed based on modular concept for 1, 2, 3 & 5 (Tonnes per Day) TPD segregated waste or 2, 4, 6 & 10 TPD Mixed waste capacities to provide doorstep solutions for treating solid waste. The system is based on the proven bio-methanation and treating waste as source methodology as promoted under Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016 which promotes decentralised SWM plants. The product vertical has developed range of products to treat waste for urban and rural areas.


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