Milind Soman launches electric cycles by Lifelong Online

 Milind Soman launches electric cycles by Lifelong Online

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Actor, producer and fitness enthusiast, Milind Soman launched electric cycles by consumer durables brand Lifelong Online in Gurgaon. Targeted for urban users from metropolitan as well as Tier II & III cities, the cycles are meant to provide a cost-effective and environment-friendly alternative to vehicles running on petrol or diesel. With an estimated seven paise/km travel cost and no carbon emissions, these electric cycles are one of the most cost-effective transport modes in the market today.

Commenting on the launch, Lifelong Online CEO & Co-Founder Bharat Kalia, “Lifelong Online has always been at the forefront of tech innovation to help solve the daily problems faced by Indian consumers. With sustainability emerging as a chief concern, we were focused on delivering a product that can make a tangible difference to their life. The Lifelong electric cycles are the culmination of months of intensive R&D to finetune the design and functionality of the product. Throughout this, our aim was to ensure that our customers benefit from cutting-edge technology in a product that is highly functional and cost-effective. We have taken care to keep our price points extremely affordable.”

“With our cities becoming congested with highly polluting vehicles, it is high time that we look for alternative solutions.  As a fitness enthusiast, I look forward to any solution that can help in clearing up our highly polluted cities.” said Soman at the launch.

The electric cycles have a range of up to 25km range per charge. With a charge time of four hours, these cycles are easy to charge at home, and the charge time of 4-6 hours. These are available in four riding modes: Full Speed (at 25 km/hr), assist mode (up to 90 per cent electric assist), cruise battery power mode and standard pedal mode. With no carbon emissions, these cycles meet the strictest criteria for sustainable commute.


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