Blue Planet to provide complete solution to process the municipal waste stream

 Blue Planet to provide complete solution to process the municipal waste stream

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Singapore-headquartered waste management solutions provider, Blue Planet Environmental Solutions Pte Ltd (Blue Planet) has announced strategic acquisition of a UK-based green building product manufacturing company, Virtus Concrete Solutions Ltd. (“Virtus Concrete”).
Virtus Concrete’s key offering are sustainable concrete blocks called Blockwalls, manufactured from 87 per cent recycled materials comprising mainly low-value inert waste materials. With this technology, Blue Planet has strengthened its ability to provide end-to-end waste management solutions.
Blue Planet’s carefully curated technologies are aligned with its core strategy to contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of development targets adopted by member nations to be achieved by 2030, and the 10 principles of the United National Global Compact.
Blockwalls structures can be set up instantaneously without expensive and tedious joining methods. They can be shaped and designed to be used for multiple purposes such as to create material bays, segregation walls, storage sheds, barriers, marine defence blocks and material retention walls.

“By directing the waste material and suitable by-products from across our operations and synergistically converting them into green building products, Blue Planet will truly be able to achieve its vision of ‘zero waste to landfill’,” said Bharadwaj Chivukula, Founder, Blue Planet.
By combining Blockwalls technology with its existing organic, plastic and metal waste processing technologies in its portfolio, Blue Planet will now provide a complete solution to process the municipal waste stream. Furthermore, this acquisition will add to the company’s ability to facilitate the clearing of landfill sites for effective remediation.
“Currently, the construction industry contributes to 11 per cent of global carbon emissions, a significant proportion of which belongs to the cement and glass industry. As countries around the world experience increasing rates of urbanisation, there is growing pressure for the industry to find sustainable and green materials as a direct response to climate change and to meet their sustainable development targets,” added Chivukula.


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