Now enjoy first water screen projection sound and light show at Tilyar Lake

 Now enjoy first water screen projection sound and light show at Tilyar Lake

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The next time you happen to be in and around Rohtak, make sure you visit the famous Tilyar Lake. Or you can even plan a weekend trip to this beautiful destination in Haryana, especially if you stay in Delhi-NCR. The reason why we say this is because India Tourism Development Corporation Ltd (ITDC) has recently executed the implementation of multimedia show based on water screen projection at Tilyar Lake in collaboration with Haryana government and Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. The sound and light show has been created to project the rich and diverse history of the state.

The show highlights the state as a land of historic and cultural landmarks, affirming Haryana to be central to the story of human civilisation, a fact that is corroborated by many archaeologists over time. The home of Kurukshetra, this is where the ancient mythological clash between the Kauravas and the Pandavas occurred.

The spellbinding show has been created with impressive fountain works and projection on a state-of-the-art water screen measuring 27m x 9 m. Exclusively created sound tracks, rhythmic hymns and Vedic chants add magic to the dancing fountains that encapsulate the journey of Haryana. The show has voiceover of Jitender Ram Prakash and Vijay Vardhan in Hindi whereas you get to hear Kabir Bedi in the English version.



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  • Great information. Will surely visit there soon..


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