The journey within

 The journey within

In the first two parts of the 12-part series on the story of Buddhism, art historian and producer-director BENOY K BEHL took us to all the Buddhist sites of India and Gautam Siddharth’s final escape from the illusions of the material world. Today, let us see where he takes us…

The second century BCE ushered in one of the greatest periods of the art of India. Over a period of about a thousand years, more than 1,200 caves were hewn out of the mountains of the Western Ghats, not very far from the coast of present-day Maharashtra. Most of these were Buddhist. They were profusely sculpted and painted in keeping with existing traditions. Leaving behind the concerns and confusions of the material world, the devotee came to these splendid havens of peace and contemplation.

The sculpted and painted caves of Western India are surely one of the most magnificent treasures of heritage, ever created by man.

This film takes us into the world of early rock-cut caves of western India. The sites covered include Bhaja Caves, Pitalkhora Caves, Bedsa Caves, Kondavane Caves, Karle Caves, Junnar Caves, Kanheri Caves and the early Ajanta Caves (2nd century BCE – 1st century CE).



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