Art for the peace of the spirit within

 Art for the peace of the spirit within

Photo Credit: Benoy K Behl

Benoy K Behl

For 10 years, I have discussed health and yoga with senior mainstream doctors in India, USA and Germany. They are clear that inner peace is essential for a healthy immune system. It is essentially the balance within us which protects and heals us. Of course, medicines are also required when things go too far.
Perhaps that is why the Chitrasutra (the oldest-known treatise on art-making) says that art is the most valuable treasure of mankind. In this time of Covid-19, Ajanta Caves presents us the most beautiful image of inner harmony and the peace of the spirit within us. This is Bodhisattava Padmapani, the bearer of the Lotus (5th century). In ancient tradition, such images were created for us to look upon them and to awaken those qualities within us.


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