Navratri: Worshipped on Day 5, Skandamata is the goddess of patience

 Navratri: Worshipped on Day 5, Skandamata is the goddess of patience

Neha Mangal

Maa Skandamata is the 5th aspect of Goddess Durga. Goddess Skandamata is the mother of Kumara/ Skanda/ Kartikeya. Lord Kartikeya is a Hindu god of war who was the firstborn son of Lord Shiva and was chosen by the gods as their commander in the war against the demons. Devotees offer great reverence to Mata Skanda on the 5th of Navratri or Panchami.
Goddess Skandamata is the Goddess of patience who is represented with four-arm holding six-faced infant Kumar Kartikey in her lap. Both her right & left upper hands hold lotus flower. As she seats on the lotus in state of meditation, therefore, she is also revered as Padamasana. Maa Skandamata is the Goddess associated with the element of ether or akasha. She represents the qualities of grace, power, and wisdom. She is associated with the Manipura chakra or the solar plexus, which is the center of our willpower, courage, and vitality.”
There once was a great demon called Tarakasura. Granted a boon by Lord Brahma, he became invincible and began terrorising everyone, so much so that he became a threat to the Gods. To defeat Tarakasura, the gods decided to create a mighty warrior who would be the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. However, Lord Shiva was in deep meditation and was not interested in worldly affairs. The gods then approached Kamadeva, the god of love, to awaken Lord Shiva from his meditation. Kamadeva shot his love arrow at Lord Shiva, which made him fall in love with Goddess Parvati. The union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati/Shakti resulted in the birth of Skanda/ Kartikeya. Skanda fought against Tarakasura and killed him, thus freeing the world from his tyranny.

Om Hreem Saha Skandmatryai Namah
मंत्र: ओम ह्रीं सह स्कंदमात्रै नम:


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