Jeetgarh Stambh

 Jeetgarh Stambh

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha

This is perhaps the only part of history that Noida has. Still not many know of it. Reason: It is tucked away in a place where not many can go.

The Jeetgarh Stambh atop a small hillock in Noida Golf Course (NGC) in Sector 37 is one of the major attractions for the members of the golf club.

The monument was built by Britishers during the Indian struggle for independence. A war between Marathas and the Britishers was fought near Chalera on September 11, 1803 in which the latter scored victory. The British won the war under the leadership of General Gerad Lake. And as a celebration of this victory, the Britishers built Jeetgarh Stambh.

An inscription on the monument also states that this is the place where Britishers scored their first victory against Marathas, and hence built this monument.

Since this happens to be the first place where the Indian forces put up a commendable fight against the Britishers, Indian historians take it to be the harbinger of Indian struggle for independence. The Maratha show of strength in this war later culminated in the form of war against Britishers in 1857. The monument is being maintained by the golf club, that has developed a small beautiful garden around it. But since only members are allowed in the playfield, not many can visit it. Not many are even aware of this monument. Says Arvind Goyal, a resident of sector 37, “Despite being in the same sector, I never knew that Noida has a historical monument.”


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